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A Brief History of New York Net

Founded in 1993, New York Net rapidly became the premier business Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving the greater New York area (and beyond). In December, 1998 New York Net was acquired by Verio, a national ISP. Verio was in turn acquired in 2000 by NTT Communications. Today, the Verio brand is used for web hosting operations, while NTT provides national and international networking services.

With this shift in focus by NTT / Verio, the founders of New York Net decided the time had come to launch a new ISP in order to return to providing regional Internet services with the hands-on, customer-centric focus New York Net was famous for. In 2002, ISPnet, Inc. was launched. ISPnet is proud to continue to be the Internet provider for leading companies in the greater New York region, many of whom have been with us from the beginning, more than 25 years ago.

The pages on this site represent a snapshot of the New York Net website shortly after the Verio acquisition. Various features and links may be non-functional (for example, the mailing list archive software is not installed on this system). Additionally, the pages have not been updated to use features found in modern browsers (or avoid features found only in older browsers), and some of the comments (like "large images have been known to crash 16-bit versions of Netscape") are no longer relevant.

We hope that you find this "walk down memory lane" interesting. If you encounter anything that you think should be working but isn't, or have any other comments or suggestions, feel free to contact

Points of Interest

Original New York Net home page

The "New York Net has merged with Verio" splash page

Post-acquisition New York Net home page

ISPnet, Inc. (present company) home page

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