New York Net

New York Net maintains a mailing list for important announcements. The following is the description of the list, from the mailing list itself:

This moderated list is for announcements from New York Network regarding maintenance activites, scheduled outages/upgrades, etc. Announcements from other providers which affect New York Network may also be found in the nynet-status list. It is expected that at least one person per customer site will be subscribed to the nynet-announce list in order to be aware of maintenance activity that would affect them. Subscribing additional people from your site is encouraged.

To subscribe to the NYNET-Announce mailing list, send mail to with a message body of:

subscribe nynet-announce Your Name

(the subject of the message is ignored). Please make sure your mail software does not auto-include any signature text, HTML, etc. - the message body should contain only the one line shown above. You should receive a confirmation request from the mailing list server within a few minutes. Once you confirm your subscription, you'll be subscribed to the list and will receive a brief help file in the mail.

Read or search the NYNET-Announce mailing list archives

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