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New York Net

New York Net Consolidated Price List

New York Net Digital Circuit Services

NY NJ CT Startup Monthly
Tail/CIR Tail/CIR Tail/CIR Cost Cost
56/56 56/56 56/56 1000 500
384/128 T1/128 T1/128 2000 800
384/256 T1/256 T1/256 2000 1000
384/384 T1/384 T1/384 2000 1200
T1/512 T1/512 T1/512 2000 1400
T1/768 T1/768 T1/768 2000 1600
T1 T1 T1 3000 1600(e)
2 * T1 2 * T1 2 * T1 4000 2800(e)
T3/3M T3/3M T3/3M 5000 call
T3/6M T3/6M T3/6M 5000 call
T3/9M T3/9M T3/9M 5000 call
T3/12M T3/12M T3/12M 5000 call
T3/21M T3/21M T3/21M 5000 call
T3/45M T3/45M T3/45M 5000 call

Options for Digital-Circuit Customers

Option Startup Fee Monthly Fee Note

Token Ring

800 0 -

Analog dial backup

100 100 g

ISDN dial backup

100 100 h

Frame Relay backup (56k)

1000 300 I

Frame Relay backup (T1)

1000 600 i

Customer-provided Router

800 CR 0 j
Customer-provided 56k CSU 100 CR 0 k
Customer-provided T1 CSU 200 CR 0 k
Customer-provided circuit call call l

Available Discounts


  1. Prices include the cost of the telephone company circuit to the customer's site and the use of a New York Net owned and managed router on the customer's LAN. This is a very important fact to consider when projecting costs, as the customer does not pay the telephone company either the line installation charge or an ongoing monthly charge. New York Net also provides the CSU/DSU.
  2. The above prices apply uniformly for all parts of NY, NJ and CT served by either Bell Atlantic (including the parts that formerly known as NYNEX) or SNET. For pricing to other locations, send inquiries to
  3. All services include: Secondary name service (and primary, if requested), USENET newsfeed, and client newsreader access to a New York Net "convenience" news server (up to the 16 simultaneous connections).
  4. Service level names with a slash (such as T1/256) designate services provided via Frame Relay. The portion before the slash designates the port speed and the part after the slash designates the CIR (Committed Information Rate). The CIR is the bandwidth that you are guaranteed to receive at all times. All Frame Relay circuits are provisioned to allow bursting up to the port speed or twice the CIR, whichever is less.
  5. The figure designates a target price for service provided via a point-to-point link. Actual pricing varies based on the customer site location. For a quote to your location, send email to with your address and phone number at the site.
  6. Multi-service discounts apply to all services after the first, which is defined to be the most expensive. Multi-service discounts apply to recurring fees only, not to startup fees and upgrade fees.
  7. Analog dial-backup provides a single 28.8k/56k modem channel for dial-backup in case the primary (leased) data circuit suffers an outage. This is appropriate for 56k customers. The customer provides the telephone line at their premises, paying all related costs directly to the telephone company.
  8. ISDN dial-backup provides a single 64Kbps ISDN B-channel for backup connection in case the primary (leased) data circuit suffers an outage. This is appropriate for 56k through 384k customers. The customer provides the ISDN telephone line at their premises, paying all related costs directly to the telephone company.
  9. Frame Relay backup provides a second dedicated path which is used in case the primary path suffers an outage. The backup path is provisioned with up to the same CIR as the primary path.
  10. The standard service includes New York Net owned and managed Customer Premises Equipment (router and CSU/DSU), with the service delivery point where the router connects to the customer's LAN. In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for a customer to own and manage the customer site router. In this case, the service delivery point moves to the place where the New York Net CSU/DSU connects to the customer's router.
  11. In cases where a customer provides/manages the customer site router, the customer has the option to provide and manage a CSU/DSU also. In this case, New York Net service is delivered at the point where the telephone company data circuit is connected to the customer owned CSU/DSU. This is also the telephone company's demarcation point and, for that reason, is generally a configuration that is not recommended.
  12. In most cases, the standard packaged service with a New York Net provided and managed data circuit is the most desirable. However, service can often be delivered to a customer owned circuit. Pricing and availability are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Colocation Service

Bit Rate Startup Fee Monthly Fee
10baseT/T1 1000 800
10baseT/10Mb 2000 3000
100baseT/10Mb 3000 6000
100baseT/20Mb 3000 10000
100baseT/30Mb 3000 14000
100baseT/40Mb 3000 18000


Colocation service provides a single Ethernet connection to a single customer-owned and managed system. Systems are housed at one of New York Net's POP locations, on shelves in a standard 23" rack or cabinet, with 10.5" vertical spacing. Customers may add an additional 23" x 10.5" shelf for a setup fee of $400 plus an additional $200 per month. 10BaseT Ethernet is used for the T1 and 10Mbps service levels, and 100BaseT for the higher speeds. New York Net's POP locations are generally unstaffed. Arrangements can be made for site visits after the initial installation by appointment. Extra site visits are billed at $250 per visit or $250 per hour (whichever is greater). Customers having special access requirements can be accommodated on a case by case basis.

Internet Service to Customer Cabinet at New York Net Colocation Sites

Bit Rate Startup Fee Monthly Fee
1.5M on 10baseT (half-duplex) 1000 1000
10M on 10baseT (half-duplex) 1000 3000
10M on 100baseT (full-duplex) 2000 6000
20M on 100baseT (full-duplex) 2000 10000
30M on 100baseT (full-duplex) 2000 14000
40M on 100baseT (full-duplex) 2000 18000


In addition to its own POP locations, New York Net currently has T3 or better connectivity to several popular colocation sites in the New York metropolitan area. As of this writing, those sites include:

In these locations, New York Net can provide Internet connectivity to customer cabinets at speeds from 1.5Mbit/sec to 40Mbit/sec. If you have connectivity needs in another popular colocation site, please contact us for a quote.

New York Net Managed Dialup POPs

Number of T1's Attached Startup Fee Monthly Fee Cost/Dialup Per Month
1 (24 lines) 1000 2000 83
2 (48 lines) 1000 3 63
3 (72 lines) 1000 4000 56
4 (96 lines) 1000 5000 52


New York Net places a customer-owned and managed PRI-capable router (such as an Ascend MAX/TNT, Livingston Portmaster, or Cisco AS5x00) in a New York Net cabinet. T1-level Internet access is provided on a 10baseT Ethernet and 1-4 PRI's (each containing 24 analog or ISDN dialup lines) are delivered to the customer's equipment. The dialup lines are treated as one large hunt group with dial-in numbers provided to cover almost all of LATA 132 (lower New York State). The pricing is based on a "per customer router" and varies depending upon the number of PRI's attached. The cost per dialup port is very attractive compared to the cost of building and maintaining a large POP with remote FX (Foreign eXcchange) service from 212/516/718/914 area codes. Northern New Jersey numbers are also available - contact us for details.

Dialup Services

Service Startup Fee Monthly Fee
Analog 56k Single-user 0 75
Analog 56k Multiple-user 0 150
ISDN Single-user 0 100
ISDN Multiple-user 0 150


Single-user dial-up service provides a single IP address. Multi-user dial-up service provides multiple addresses (e.g., a Class C network of 256 addresses or more, if justified). Both are provided with a guaranteed no-busy-signal policy with no inactivity disconnects and 24 hour/day connections explicitly allowed. ISDN pricing is per B-channel.

Optional Services

Upgrading Service Levels: For upgrades within a category (i.e. upgrading a 56k link to a T1 link), a non-recurring upgrade fee is charged equal to the difference between the startup fees of the corresponding service levels.

Domain Name Service: Domain name service is provided to all customers, at no additional charge, for the customer's own domain. New York Net will also provide DNS for additional domains, such as domains associated with customers of our customers, for a fee of $25/year per domain. If New York Net is providing primary or secondary name service for a domain, we will also provide secondary mail exchanger service at no additional cost.

Alias Mail Forwarding: For customers that would like virtual email addresses, New York Net can provide alias mail forwarding. For example, a customer would like to have the domain "" and would like to receive email addressed to "" in an existing America Online mailbox, "". In addition, the customer would like mail sent from this AOL account (or anywhere else) to appear as though it was sent from "" with all the AOL header ugliness scrubbed clean. New York Net offers this service for $50/year per domain (which includes one email alias) and $25/year for each additional address.

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