Note: The following material is included for historical information about New York Net. Please consult the Verio web site for current information.

New York Net

News Feed Questionnaire

Note: This form is for New York Net customers only. If you are not a New York Net customer and you're looking for a newsfeed, please contact your ISP. If you are a Freenix Top 1000 site and are looking to peer with New York Net, please contact

In order to establish your news feed, we need to ask a few questions. Please complete this form as soon as possible. To help you, some default answers have been provided.

1. Who is your local contact person for news?
Office Phone
Fax Number
Email Address
2a. What is the full system name (e.g. of your news host?
 b. This is
a real host name
an alias (CNAME)
If it is a CNAME, what is the real name of your news host?
 c. What is the USENET name of your machine (i.e. the name that will appear on "Path:" lines generated at your site)?
3. What version of news software are you running (e.g. INN 1.7.2)?
4. What other news feeds do you have?
5. Are there any times of the day when your site will not accept news from us?
6. What news groups are you interested in receiving?

Note that a full feed is currently about 25GB per day and requires at least 2.2 megabit/second available bandwidth on your link (more than a full T1). If you don't want to devote this much bandwidth to news, consider requesting only a small number of groups or running a caching NNTP server (see the accompanying information for more details.

New York Net has a number of newsgroups you may want to carry even if you don't take a full feed. They are:

nynet.announce - Important announcements from New York Network. (Moderated) - New York Network subscribers discussion forum.
nynet.status - Status messages from other networks and organizations. (Moderated) - New York Network technical assistance forum.
nynet.test - USENET news testing for New York Network.
If you want these groups, just ask for "nynet.*" as well as the other groups you select.
7. Are there any groups you are NOT interested in receiving?
8. What news distributions are you interested in receiving?
   Examples are world, inet, ny, etc.

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