Note: The following material is included for historical information about New York Net. Please consult the Verio web site for current information.

New York Net

Shared Ethernet - Co-Location Service

With New York Net's 'Shared T1 Ethernet Co-location Service', your system is placed at one of our POPs where it enjoys high speed connectivity to the Internet at a significantly lower cost to you than if you were to purchase a T1 or 10Mbps link to your location.

How it works: Your system will be placed on a shelf in a cabinet at one of our POP locations. It will be powered by a UPS and will be on an Ethernet whose connectivity to the rest of the net is guaranteed to be at least T1 or 10Mbps (depending on the service level purchased). You manage the system remotely, for example via telnet and ftp.

The Advantages

The Limitations Price Information

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