Note: The following material is included for historical information about New York Net. Please consult the Verio web site for current information.

New York Net

Dial-Up SLIP/PPP Internet Access

New York Net has dial-up service available with many access points in New York and northern New Jersey. There are two grades of service available. Both allow unlimited access, 24 hours/day if desired.

SINGLE-USER SLIP/PPP: This is targeted at a single user with a PC, a Mac or any other single-user system. We assign a single static IP address for your use. You access our network through a pool of 56K modems which is provisioned with a no-busy-signal policy.

MULTI-USER SLIP/PPP: This is targeted at a multi-user site with either a multi-user computer or with a LAN to be connected via a single phone call. We assign you a phone number corresponding to a 56K modem and router port dedicated to your exclusive use. We assign you a Class C-sized address space (or larger, if needed). You can use any SLIP/PPP-capable router at your site. Or, if you prefer, you can use a serial port on a host system.

LEASED ANALOG CIRCUIT OPTION: This is appropriate for people whose location necessitates long distance calls to our access points, and for whom a leased, analog, ring-down circuit provides a lower overall monthly cost. (In New Jersey, such circuits often cost $70-80/month.) If you are interested in this option, you should contact us for pricing for your location. [For Multi-User SLIP customers only.] Note: This option is incompatible with 56K service due to limitations of the telephone circuit provided by the phone company. The fastest possible connect speed using this option is 28.8K.

ABOUT OUR EQUIPMENT: All our dialup services are provided using Cisco AS5300 access servers with MICA modems. We support 28.8K (V.34) and 56K (V.90) protocols as well as various types of ISDN dialup.

Price Information

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