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New York Net has always built our POPs with careful attention to every detail, and with an eye toward neatness and maintainability. Since we built our first POP at 60 Hudson in New York City (the old Western Union headquarters, now a major interconnection point for carriers), we have been carefully labeling every device we installed, and have been making every cable to a custom length that's just the right size. This lets us rapidly find any interconnection we need, without having to rummage through a rat's nest of cables. Regardless of whether the POP is in an area dedicated to our use (like the Jersey City POP) or if it's in cabinets in a shared colocation area, we take the same steps.

We also provision equipment well in advance of requirements - for example, in our Jersey City POP we have capacity to add 2 T3's and many T1's just by having the carrier connect to our existing equipment. Contrast this to some providers who don't even order the termination equipment until after the carrier has installed the circuit.

We invite you to compare any of our facilities with those of any of our competitors. Perhaps you could ask them why they don't put pictures of their spaces on the Web. Also, if you plan on being in the area and want to visit one of our POPs in person, just drop us a note at or call us at 800-806-NETS (+1 718 776 6811 internationally).

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Pictures of our POPs:

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